Children's Catechism Questions 11-13 (Theology for Kids) - Plus a super easy pipe cleaner craft

Children's Catechism with Kids - Questions 11, 12, and 13 - Important theology questions for kids plus a simple craft and book, song, and podcast recommendations

We took a little break from doing crafts for the Children's Catechism while we finished up our school year, all seemed to be sick on and off a lot, and for whatever reason were just struggling to get a good schedule down - but now with summer in full swing, we're getting back into it!

Today, we looked at questions 11, 12, and 13:

Q. 11. Can you see God?
A. No; I cannot see God, but he always sees me.

Q. 12. Does God know all things?
A. Yes; nothing can be hidden from God.

Q. 13. Can God do all things?
A. Yes; God can do all his holy will.

This post is in a series of posts working through the Children's Catechism! For more information on how this started, be sure to read the beginning of this earlier post. My kids I'm working on this with are 6, 4, and almost 2.

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First (as usual), we listened to the Ask me Whoo Songs for questions 10-13 in the morning on repeat a few times. One song has questions 10-11 and another has 12-13. 

We also listened to "Does God Know All Things?" from First Bible Truths: Songs Based on the First Catechism. It contains questions 12 and 13 (even though the title doesn't indicate that).

We then made up a few hand motions for the questions.

Q. 11. Can you see God?
A. (Shake head No) No; (cover eyes) I cannot see God, but (point up) he always (point to self) sees me.

Q. 12. Does God know all things?
A. (Shake head Yes) Yes; (wave hands for "nothing") nothing (pretend to hide something behind back) can be hidden from (point up) God .

Q. 13. Can God do all things?
A. (Shake head Yes) Yes; (point up) God can do (motion big circle for "all") all his (tap hand on other like making a list) holy will.

We read three chapters out of The Ology: 4- God is All-Powerful, 5- God is in Control, and 6 - God Knows All Things. I really appreciate how this book makes complex concepts so easilly understandable and also includes short Bible verses.

Now, for our simple craft! My kids love glasses - so we decided to make some pretend glasses for questions 11 and 12 because:

Even with super power glasses, we still couldn't see God


He doesn't need any glasses but always see us. 

We made glasses out of paper (I just drew a simple template but you can also find lots online to print, let them color the glasses, and then we cut them out). And we also made glasses out of pipe cleaners! The pipe cleaners were the winners in my house and they were actually easier - just twist and adjust and you have glasses!

While we were playing around with different kinds of glasses, we also listened to episode 3 of the Reformed Kidcast too (it covered questions 11-15). Access it in iTunes here (or search for it in your favorite podcast app). My kids really liked this one! There are some funny little comments from the kids that made them giggle and good conversations about God’s power and the Bible.

I recently added this podcast to the Children's Catechism Resources page but haven't included it in any actual blog posts yet! If you haven't listened to it before, I would strongly reccommend checking it out. As a dad talks to his two young kids, it's nice to be able to listen in on their conversation because it helps us have good conversations too! It's part of the reason I keep blogging the (at times silly) crafts that we do here - hoping that maybe it will inspire you to do fun little things with your kids to point them to Jesus! I also think when kids hear other kids their own age talking about God and using the language of the catechism it's really a good spark to keep them going! 

That was all for today! Let me know if your kids like pipe cleaners too!

For a list of all the best catechism resources, be sure to check out this page.