Free Printable Download of the Children's Catechism Questions and Answers Checklist

A Simple (and Free!) Printable of the Children's Catechism Questions and Answers with Checkboxes!

What I do on this blog recently came up in a real life conversation and someone (very well-meaning) said basically that their philsophy for children's catechism is more "just do it". As in just memorize the questions and answers with your kids. You don't need silly crafts and other books to supplement.

I think they were genuinely worried that I'd run out of material too soon to keep blogging. (At the rate I'm going... slowly... we will see about that! Ha ha!)

Now, I wasn't offended at all - I totally get it. You really don't need extra stuff - but like I said back here when I started blogging about what we actually "do" - my kids like it and it's a good use of my time to plan activities that point them to Jesus than ones that are just "random". Sometimes it's the little things that help us remember truths better.

Being back in the flow of a normal school year, things can get so busy! I know it's so much easier to do just about anything if it's organized and the "stuff" I need is readily available. As a result, I made this simple checklist of Children's Catechism questions and answers for my home and wanted to share with all of you too! So regardless of if you do or don't use other activities, books, or music, I hope this list is simple and easy to use! 

I put it in the Resource Library so that it's easy to find when you need to print another copy (ask me how I know!).

I made it this way because it's so flexible. What do the checkboxes mean? Whatever you want them to!

Is it that you talked about it a question at breakfast and practiced it a bit? Sure! 

Is it that it has been memorized by your oldest? Sure! 

Do you have a page for each of your kids and a certian number of boxes among everyone equals a special trip for ice cream? You get the idea, it's totally up to you!

I am using the 1840 Version of the Children's Catechism and just made notes on the printable of a few tiny changes I made to the wording. If you're wondering about the different versions of the Children's Catechism (it's so confusing!), be sure to read this post.

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For a list of all the best catechism resources to go with these questions, be sure to check out this page.

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