Best Resources for Kids

The Best Gospel-Centered Books & Music for Kids! A list of tried and true books and music for teaching your kids sound theology! #gospelcentered #reformed #jesusstorybook #theologyforkids

While raising our kids is hard work (and I write about that often like here or here or here), there are a few tricks that can help. One of the absolute easiest of these (in my opinion) is having quality books and resources around to read and share with your children! 

Others have been gifted by God to create these resources for the masses so that you can individually use them to springboard into the good quality conversations that only you can have with the kids in your life - whether they be your kids, kids you babysit, or in Sunday School!

These are some of my favorites that I've enjoyed reading with and to my children. Obviously, just because it's here doesn't mean it's perfect or infallible or that you will necessarily love it (and disclaimer, some will have images of Jesus for pedagogical reasons; if that's an issue for you, be sure to check out this page). However, I have only included the books I have, enjoy, and would buy again or gift to friends so I do hope you enjoy them too!

Any questions? Let me know!

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Bible Storybooks

Board Books for Younger Kids

These are board books so they can hold up to the toddler stage! But they still have meaningful truths that are still great for older kids as well.

Other Great Kids Books

These books are still great to have on hand and read to younger kids.

This book makes me cry! It’s a great story based on Psalm 23.

I use The Ology in almost every one of my Children’s Catechism posts - it’s that good!

Both of the Susan Hunt ABC Bible Verse books provide great resources to memorize verses and give real life examples of how kids can internalize truth.

Read more about Jax’s Tail Twitches and the whole Good News for Little Hearts series here.

Bibles and Bible Study Tools


In addition to these, if possible, I highly reccommend playing songs in your home that you sing in your church service even though they aren't neccessarily "kids" music.

That way your kids will know those songs and be able to sing along quickly even before being able to read.

Ask Me Whooo, Vol. 1
Diana Beach Batarseh

Read more about the Ask Me Whooo series here.

Sing the Bible with Slugs & Bugs Cd
By The African Children's Choir, Sally Lloyd-Jones
Slugs & Bugs Under Where?
Randall Goodgame and Slugs & Bugs
The Ology
By Sovereign Grace Music
Meet The Rizers
Super Big Robot
Seeds of Courage
Seeds Family Worship
Seeds of Character (Vol. 6)
Seeds Family Worship