How to Write a Christ-Centered Baby Shower Devotional (Including Tips and Things You Want To Remember)

Today, I’m sharing some tips for writing a great devotional for a baby shower.

How to Write a Christ-Centered Baby Shower Devotional - including examples and things to make sure you don't forget!

Since I blog about “Christian Mom Stuff”, I occassionaly get asked me to give devotionals for our church baby showers. While I really love all aspects of blogging, public speaking is not something I particularly “love”. I was on the Speech and Debate team in high school and have been told I am fairly competent in my ability to speak to a larger group of people, but it still makes me nervous!

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First, consider it an honor.

If you were asked by someone else, they must have picked you for a reason. There will be other people there but you get to share some nuggets of wisdom and love with the group of people present. Maybe you are the one throwing the shower and want to include something meaningful in this time, that's great too!

Regardless of how you were selected, as you as you prepare, keep in mind the why behind your short talk. Do you want to encourage the new mom? Do you want to encourage everyone? Do you want to make sure she knows the ways that the people there will be there for her when she is a new mom?

If you’re scared, that’s ok. Approximately 75% of people are afraid of public speaking, so most people are looking at you and admiring your courage anyway.

Second, decide where to start.

This stage is a good opportunity to stop and briefly pray over the task at hand. Pray for the mom you are celebrating and her child. Pray for the other women who will be attending. Pray that God would give you wisdom and grace as you speak.

I have a few samples you can check out and I think these are good places to begin if you’re staring at a blank page. These are three different baby shower devotionals I have written and given at showers. I don’t usually read them word for word but by having the general thoughts written out, I can then talk through them more easily and ensure I don’t forget anything.

  1. Start with a very short passage of Scripture that you can unpack rather easily. I did that here with Romans 12:12.

  2. Pick a longer passage of Scripture. This is a great idea if you have lots of Bible-lovers and want to make sure your talk isn’t too short. I did that here with Psalm 139.

  3. Choose a passage from a mothering book you love and work from there. I did that (to some extent) with this baby shower devotional, where I read a rather long quotation from one of my favorite books on mothering (Missional Motherhood).


Third, write it!

As you go to write, remember the following tips:

  1. Keep it short and sweet. There is no reason to feel that your “talk” needs to be the length of a sermon.

  2. Remember you are encouraging lots of women in the same room - not just the moms. Even though the focus can be on the mom and baby, I think it’s nicer if everyone walks away feeling encouraged and reminded of the gospel.

  3. Include personal details about the mom-to-be. This can be what really makes what you share special. 

  4. Remember when you first learned to write a short essay, have an introduction, a middle (perhaps two points), and a closing.

  5. Close with prayer for the mother and baby. If you are nervous about giving the devotional in the first place or simply want to include others, task someone else with the job of praying immediately after you speak.

I hope that these simple tips will help guide you as you write your baby shower devotional. Do you have any questions? If so, comment below!

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