20 Awesome Easter Gifts for Kids (That You'll Love Long After Easter)

This is an awesome list of Christ-centered books and music plus some really practical tips for making Easter baskets! You don't have to buy cheap toys you'll hate!

Looking for meaningful, practical, and creative gifts for the Easter basket that you won’t hate looking at next week? Here are 20 exceptional options to use as a starting point for your Easter baskets that are great for kids of all ages and work for both the boys and girls in your life!

Last week I shared my favorite Easter Resources for teaching your kids about the importance of Easter. As a follow up to answer some questions I received, I wanted to just give you a few suggestions of gifts you won’t hate to get your kids for Easter!

Simple Easter Basket Formula for when you want even your Easter gifts to be Christ-Centered in some way. No candy or toys that will get thrown away here! This list is full of great books and music that point your kids to Jesus as well as practical items and gifts for play you'll be happy to see them use! #easterbasket

I like to use the formula for gift giving to make sure I cover all these bases:

Something to point them to Jesus


Something practical


Something to play with

So those are some of the ideas I’m sharing here! I’d love to hear what you put in your Easter baskets!

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Duh. You can never have too many books.

  • If you’re looking for board books for toddlers to fit in an Easter basket, I’d go with one of these:

  • If you need books for older kids, these are some great options:


CD’s are nice gifts because they are tangible and you can put them on without needing to be on your phone or other streaming device. These would be some fun options:

  • I also have many more CD’s (and digital music) over on my list of all my favorite Christ-centered resources!


    Moving on to the practical categories… I love giving my kids swimsuits for Easter because it’s an exciting new gift that tells them that soon we’ll be able to use them and have fun as a family! And, if you’d have to buy it any way - it’s a win-win.

  • I really like the swimsuits from Primary because they are UPF 50, simple (no crazy characters or sayings), have many options for tops, bottoms, and hats, and all have good coverage as well, which is getting harder to find especially for girls.

Household Items

Along with swimsuits, I am always trying to sneak in “fun” options of things that my kids need anyway and count them as presents.

  • So, last year my kids got these electric toothbrushes (bonus points for a little less mom guilt on the nest trip to the dentist) and they loved them! Obviously, some new fun toothpaste counts as an accessory too!

  • A new water bottle for each kid with a favorite design (I especially like the robots and cats, but there are so many fun options!).

  • I haven’t purchased them yet (eek!), but I adore these placemats with 1 John 4:19 from Elora Inspired.

  • A Lip balm or two so each kid has their own. Yes, they’ll probably lose it quickly but it’ll last longer than if they didn’t have it, right?

Toys and Activities

You know you want to put a few fun things in the basket too. Instead of buying junk you’ll be sick of and #tidyingup next week, put a little more time in to get toys and activities that you’ll enjoy your kids doing for a long time after Easter too! These are all things my kids love and work for a variety of ages.

  • Kinetic Sand - I am L-O-V-I-N-G this! You can dump it in a plastic bin and it stays magically perfect for building and playing in - it doesn’t even matter if you leave the lid off all day - it’s always ready for your kids. It’s also easy to clean-up because it sticks to itself! It’s one hundred times better than Play Dough in my opinion.

  • Subscription boxes like Green Kid Crafts or Amazon STEM Toys.

  • Magnet building toys - we’ve had these in our house for years and they are still some of my favorite toys that my kids still play with regularly. (Is it because they also are easy to clean up since they stick to each other? Are you noticing a theme?) Amazon has a lot of great generic options too that all get great reviews.

  • I mentioned this in a previous Easter post because it can be such a fun object lesson, but buying the Caterpillar to Butterfly Kit is something I see our family doing each year! It’s that fun! If you haven’t done it before, you really should try it!

  • Activity sets from Kid Made Modern. I love these kits because they contain everything needed to complete a whole set of crafts. Just scrolling through their site, I can find a few things that would be a great fit for each of my kids!

  • In the category of “you can enjoy it for a week and then it’s gone”, my kids love slime. Depending on their ages, either buy it pre-made in cute Easter eggs or buy a kit so they can make their own.

Somehow it seems like we are encouraged as moms to buy things we don’t like to have in our homes. I’m just not buying it - you don’t have to give your kids lots of presents for Easter. But if you are filling their Easter baskets, make sure they are things you’ll be happy with them having.