God is Everywhere! Teaching from the Children's Catechism

Childrens Catechism - God is Everywhere Easy Collage for Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary Age Kids

Sometimes you just need something that qualifies as both "learning" and also "time-killer". We did this activity while I was doing some meal prep in the kitchen - and it was wildly successful!  

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Supplies needed:

  • Questions 9 and 10 from the Children's Catechism
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue (this one is the best)
  • Old magazines, ideally both appropriate for kids and ones with "places" (ads are fine)

First, we talked about the questions a little bit and then got right into crafting.

Q. 9. What is God?
A. God is a Spirit, and has not a body like men.

Q. 10. Where is God?
A. God is everywhere.

I told the kids we were going to make a collage at the kitchen table. I got the biggest piece of paper we had and asked each one to cover the page with images of different places where God was. This is a good craft for this question because there isn't a wrong answer!

The wonderful thing about collages is that the timing works very well with multiple kids, which can be such a challenge! For a 3 year old, it takes more time to cut out images but they don't need as many. An older child (like my 6-year old) will be able to cut quicker but want more variety and coverage. No one is sad that they "finished" first or last and everyone is (relatively) happy with their finished product. Win-win! 

If you have even younger kids, you could have some images already cut out and your child could work on gluing and arranging - still "independent" work for a two year old, although it will surely go quicker.

Sometimes even if you think the question or idea you are teaching is super simple, taking time to slow down and work through it is helpful because there's just more space to sit with the idea. My three year old has been able to answer the question for a while correctly but then he asked while cutting out a picture, "So, God can go everywhere?". From that, we could really dive into what it means for God to BE everywhere, not just go to different places (while I was chopping vegetables).

He's still working on his vocabulary in general, but what a joy that as he learns about words in general, he's learning about the One who gave us the ability to use them.

Next week I'll be sharing a fun tip on how to get little kids to want to memorize questions that we used as part of this "lesson". So, be sure to check back for that!

If you have any other great ideas for easy to execute activities for kids (I need as many as I can get!) or have any questions, please comment here or go check out the Reformed Mama Facebook Page.