Starfish Project Jewelry

If you've read my Disclosures page, you know running a blog has expenses, so please note that this post does contain affiliate links.

    Are you looking for on-trend and classic pieces that are well made, support a good cause, and are affordable? Whether for a gift or to treat yourself - I think you'll find something you'll love at Starfish Project!

    I became an advocate of hope for Starfish Project early in 2017 because I love the jewelry and the mission behind the company!

    I think the partnership very naturally fits with my blog because:

    1. As Christians, we should be seeking justice for those who are made in the image of God. You can read lots more about Starfish Project here but every piece is made by a woman emerging from exploitation and comes with the story of a woman whose life was changed. The more I learn about the company and interact with the staff, the more I am truly impressed. You can always tell each person is working hard to change people's lives. It's heart-breaking and inspiring at the same time.
    2. I think that self-care is so important for moms to avoid burn-out. Sometimes just getting dressed {all the way - including jewelry} and feeling better about yourself can be such a mood booster. 
    3. I have loved doing giveaways on my blog and I thought jewelry for you would be super fun! When I launched, we did a party and three readers won some great stuff!

    If you are looking for a gift for someone in your life or jewelry for yourself that has a purpose, Starfish Project has some amazing pieces made by women in Asia who have left trafficking situations. The jewelry comes wrapped in a ready-to-give black bag with a cute story card, and everything is shipped in the US with 2-day shipping! So, last minute gifts are perfect!

    Starfish Project is an organization that cares for women escaping human trafficking and exploitation in Asia. They provide life-changing opportunities through Holistic Care Programs and innovative social enterprise where women create beautiful jewelry, but also become managers, accountants, graphic designers, and photographers.

    By purchasing jewelry or having an online party, you not only give back to these women (read their stories here) but also help by raising awareness about the brand. More people knowing about the jewelry means more jewelry will need to be made, which means Starfish Project can employ more women!

    That's why I became an advocate - I have been wearing the jewelry for over a year, always get compliments on it (when I remember to accessorize), and wish more people knew about it so they could do more! There are less than 100 advocates and they are not an MLM company (so no tiers, asking you to sign up, etc.). Everyone I have met online or have heard from (they have lots of videos because the founder actually lives in Asia with her family) that works for Starfish has been so sweet. After I receive orders, I often get hand-written post cards thanking me for my order. These are people trying to build their brand and help more women.

    You can learn a lot more about Starfish Project Jewelry and snag some great pieces by visiting their site here and clicking around there. 

    Want to help even more?
    Wondering what you could do?
    Host a no-pressure ONLINE-ONLY party!

    I hosted a Facebook party in June of 2017 and it was so fun! I don't think anyone felt pressured to attend (since you can just ignore the invite if you want) but a lot of people joined in the fun and learned a lot in an easy format. If you'd like to host a party on Facebook by inviting your friends, you'll earn 10% of the total party sales to spend on jewelry! I like to do my parties over the course of a few days so that your friends have time to check it out and shop when it's most convenient for them.

    Just fill out this form to say you're ready to schedule your party ot let me know if you have any questions!

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